Rua de Santa Catarina

Porto, Portugal

Descrição do Projeto:

With the birth of the brand, there was the need to choose the right ‘house’ to accommodate this innovative concept on the Fashionwear panorama in Portugal. The choice was this unique venue, which used to be an old jewellery store, located in Rua de Santa Catarina nº 1. This store is an architectonic icon of Porto and one of the most beautiful shops from the beginning of the 20th century countrywide.

It features a unique central room, very elegant with its original luxurious decorative materials, such as carved noble woods or the magnificent frescoes on the ceiling with romantic motives. This was unquestionably the ideal place to house all the skating, urban and fashionwear superbrands that were going to be sold here.

The "Dual Layer" concept developed by Mão Livre, allowed us to create special separate containers with a very strong, contemporary, and edgy identity, that were set up in this huge and much broader space, brimming with historical references, making both spaces work together perfectly as one. This was the main premise from which this project evolved to create Taken’s Flagshipstore.