João Rocha Pavillion

Lisbon, Portugal

Descrição do Projeto:

This intervention was based on the creation of a 3-floored space, which required an illuminated suspended signage system.
The store service areas are comprised of black counters with graphics and green LED lines on the bottom.
Products are displayed in wall niches decorated with a green LED line, and usind modular systems.
In the centre, there are display gondolas and football dump bins.
The walls were decorated with photographs of football players and athletes, so that the public can feel close to their idols. SCP’s identity is further reinforced in this space by the various backlit logos and written messages on the walls.
The fitting rooms recreate the football team’s dressing room.
On the top floor, near the official members’ area, we’ve set up a video wall.
The largest area of the shop is located on the bottom floor. The atmosphere of this section if more intense and intimate. On the floor, in the centre, we’ve placed a midfield line, resembling a football field.

  • Skills: Architecture, Construction, Design
  • Local: João Rocha Pavillion, Lisbon
  • Area: 450sqm
  • Project: 4 weeks
  • Construction: 3 weeks
  • Completion: December 2017
  • Photography: Fernando Piçarra