Alcochete, Portugal

Descrição do Projeto:

The main objective of this project was to create a heartfelt space, marked by simplicity and a rustic character. The result was a vintage style atmosphere, and distinct visual comfort. Different types of light fixtures were used, all with a dimmed warm glow, both on the suspension lamps and on the lighted shelves. The identity of the space emerges from the use of simple unsophisticated materials, like aged wood and rusted iron. The walls were covered with cement pastes, simulating an old surface. On the ceilings, we’ve applied oxidised zinc corrugated panels from old shacks, and aged wood beams. Suspended from the ceiling, in the centre, there is a chandelier made with rusted iron rings and chicken wire, and several pendant lights with vintage filament bulbs. The grey flooring used, resembles raw concrete, consistent with the stripped-down style we were aiming at.
This space is dedicated to serving gastronomical experiences typical of the region.

  • Skills: Architecture, Construction, Design
  • Local: Freeport, Alcochete
  • Area: 64sqm
  • Project: 4 weeks
  • Construction: 4 weeks
  • Completion: November 2017
  • Photography: Fernando Piçarra