Tagus Park

Oeiras, Portugal

Descrição do Projeto:

Mão Livre was responsible for the Interior Design Project, and for the fit-in process of the new Novartis headquarters in Portugal.

The differentiating factor in this project, as opposed to the other company’s headquarters globally, lies in the modernity of the design solutions, combined with materials that help convey a feel of the Portuguese soul and heritage.

The canteen project for the new Novartis headquarters building in Portugal, was based on the Portuguese soul and heritage. We’ve searched for national and/or traditional elements that could be applied to the multiple bespoke pieces of furniture we’ve designed.

Given the extent of the space and the fact that it had plenty of natural light, we’ve used wood panelling on the walls from different types of timber, combined with brown valchromat, to make the area exceptionally comfortable and pleasing. We’ve also added written quotes, engraved in the panels, in an effort to humanize the room and give it a warmer feel.

All the bespoke furniture, including tables and chairs, was designed by us specifically for this space, in different sizes and typologies. The dining tables were embellished with typically Portuguese decorative elements, such as tiles from the traditional ceramics factory Fábrica Viúva Lamego, and cross-stich panels, applied on the table-tops. The combination of al these different solutions and materials, strongly conveys the concept of Portuguese soul and heritage we were aiming at, and allow for the unique character and identity this space has been bestowed with.

  • Skills: Interior Design
  • Local: Tagus Park, Oeiras
  • Area: 7.250 sqm | 290sqm (Canteen)
  • Construction: 20 weeks | 3 weeks (Canteen)
  • Conclusion: 2013 November | 2013 September (Canteen)
  • Photography: FG+SG | architectural photography