Campo Grande

Lisbon, Portugal

Descrição do Projeto:

In our project for the new Dentaleader office space, our main objective was to create harmony between the complex functional programme and the pre-existing structure. The imposing presence of the building’s framework, with its concrete columns and concrete slab ceilings, made us think of an aesthetical approach based on a flowing geometry that could lead the users seamlessly and comfortably. The space partitioning developed organically, each new space interconnecting with harmonious curves, as if corridors flowed naturally to the staircase core and, from there, to all surrounding spaces.
The lighting and signage system, anticipate areas and guide people. The entrance hall and showroom light fixtures served as starting point to all graphic and lighting elements that help organise and identify the different work spaces.
The colour scheme and materials allowed for optimal levels of visual, thermic, and acoustic comfort, guaranteeing ideal working conditions to all employees and a pleasant space to the company’s customers.

  • Skills: Architecture, Construction, Furniture
  • Local: Campo Grande, Lisbon
  • Area: 735sqm
  • Project: 8 weeks
  • Construction: 16 weeks
  • Completion: 2017 January
  • Photography: FG+SG | architectural photography